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Profectio has accepted guest contributions from day one, as it gives contributors a great way to share their thought leadership with our community and the world at large.  Our content covers all aspects of the online advertising and marketing world – online advertising, real-time bidding, search engine marketing, social media, online video and much more.

Being a guest columnist is a long standing tradition that started with print publications and we’re going to continue the tradition at Profectio.

Two simple rules to follow. 

1. Say something interesting new. Profectio’s readers are quite knowledgable and active themselves, so they are constantly looking to learn about what is next, and how they can learn more about advertising and marketing.

2. Say something that makes others think.

We get blatant pitches all the time and do include them as part of our content, this is your opportunity to stand out and get published.  Let’s be honest, advertorials by and for companies are really boring.

Be sure to check out great articles from our guest contributors:

Jorg Cieslok
Giles Crouch
Paul Koidis Jr.
Lori Franze
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