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Online Video Streaming shomi Wants To #shomiMovesIn, Service Opens Up To Canada

By Dave Forde / August 20, 2015

With phase one of the joint venture between Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications complete, the birth of online video stream service called shomi is ready to celebrate its first birthday.  Launched back in September 2014, shomi has services Rogers and Shaw customers with hours of video content in the form of great movies and television shows.  Today […]


Bell Media’s CraveTV, Stone Age Model In Fragmented Future

By Dave Forde / December 4, 2014

It is no secret that Netflix has created and executed a business model that resonates with consumer, just take a look at the company’s revenues and growing user base. Netflix has managed to disrupt the traditional cable TV and satellite providers across North America. While Bell Media was out celebrating their new online video service CraveTV yesterday […]


Bell Media Prepares “Project Latte,” Streaming Video Service

By Dave Forde / November 3, 2014

Bell Media recently announced, they will be launching a video streaming service which will give consumers access to Pay, Specialty, and Network TV landscapes, the on-demand subscription service currently code-named “Project Latte.” “We built Project Latte as a complementary service that will delight and amaze viewers with thousands of hours of premium entertainment available on-demand […]


6 Trends That Will Drive A Shift In Media And Entertainment In 2014

By Dave Forde / January 8, 2014

Sandvine issued a report that showed more than 50% of all video streaming content on the Internet so we are definitely in a new era, and it is only going to increase over the years.  This morning, EY released a new report on the Future of Television that identifies six key trends that will transform television in the […]


Streaming Video Service Vdio Opens Up In Canada

By Dave Forde / August 7, 2013

First they brought us Skype (which has since been sold to Microsoft for $8.5B, then Co-Founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström brought us Rdio. This week Canada is finally getting their newest product Vdio according to a blog post:


Is Cineplex's SuperTicket Service A Decade Late?

By Dave Forde / June 25, 2013

“About f…. time they offer that, they should have had that 10 years ago.” – was the comment someone made over the weekend when I shared the news about Cineplex’s new SuperTicket with someone over the weekend. Now to say they are a colorful individual is an understatement, but is there any merit to what they said? Is this the type of service that Cineplex should have been offering years ago?


Size Matters – What Type of TV Viewer are You? [Report]

By Dave Forde / June 10, 2013

The latest Rogers Innovation Report was released this morning and the latest issue gauges Canadians’ TV viewing habits and how technology is fueling content consumption. The report shows that a majority of Canadians participate in TV marathon sessions, access TV entertainment on smartphones and tablets, and are using social media to enhance their viewing experiences.

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