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HootSuite Acquires Competitive Social Media Dashboard Seesmic

By Dave Forde / September 6, 2012

As we reported yesterday, the interweb were talking about the possible acquisition of Seesmic by HootSuite, and today the deal has been completed. No financial details of the deal have been disclosed and Seesmic Fouder Loïc Le Meur has said he will stay on board to help make the transition of Seesmic users over to HootSuite’s platform. Since their start HootSuite has grown to over 5 million global users spanning six continents,


Rumour: Social Media Dashboard Hootsuite Close To Acquiring Seesmic

By Dave Forde / September 5, 2012

As we already alluded to earlier today, Ryan Holmes, CEO of social media dashboard company HooteSuite has some big aspirations for his startup. They have continued to grow and integrate numerous social media, lock up strategic advertising partnership, and secured a huge funding deal. So what could be next for HootSuite? Well based on some rumours, they are in the process of acquiring competitor Seesmic.