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75% Of Canadians Embrace Commuter Commerce

By Dave Forde / November 10, 2015

Today, PayPal released the finding of a joint study with Ipsos reveals that, Commuter Commerce, a new shopping behaviour where people shop from their mobile phones while on public transport, is a new retail trend in Canada. Today, 14 per cent of mobile connected commuters shop while in transit, and three in four Canadians (76%) […]


Will 2014 Bring Consumers A Full Digital Wallet?

By Dave Forde / December 31, 2013

Every year someone jumps on their soap box and proclaims “this is the year of mobile.”  Months come, months go and we do inch closer to being a truly mobile world.  Manufactures continue to battle it out as they develop new devices whether it be smartphones or tablets.  Retailers have also made the adjustment to […]


Crowdfunding Service Indiegogo Expands In Canada With New Payment Options

By Dave Forde / June 24, 2013

Earlier in the week crowd funding platform Indiegogo announced it has a new payment option for Canadians. Indiegogo campaigners who run campaigns in Canadian dollars are now able to accept credit card payments, in addition to PayPal, and receive funds in Canadian dollars (CAD), whether these funds are coming in from Nova Scotia, New York or New Delhi.


PayPal Says, "23% Of Canadians Want A Digital Wallet"

By Dave Forde / May 27, 2013

PayPal today revealed the findings of new global study recently that helps to shed some light on consumers interest in digital wallets. The study found that almost nine in ten (87%) Canadians indicated they wished they did not have to carry a wallet followed by a vast majority (83%) of respondents across five countries (Australia, Canada, Germany, the U.S. and the U.K.) wishing they were wallet-free.


Square Launches In Canada, Brings Mobile Payment Solution

By Dave Forde / October 24, 2012

Square has been having a lot of success with their mobile payment solution for merchants. The startup headed up by Jack Dorsey, same guy behind Twitter recently secured a 200 million funding round and also closed a big deal with Starbucks (in the US only for now). As more and more Canadian are outfitting themselves with smartphones the