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Have Facebook And Google Killed Innovation In Canada?

By Dave Forde / February 6, 2018

The combined duolopy created by Facebook and Google represents the largest online advertising market share we have seen in history. eMarketer reported back in September 2017 that Facebook and Google are responsible for over 60% of online advertising revenue


Breaking: Markus Templer Exits Gravity4 Canada

By Dave Forde / April 18, 2016

Markus Templer gave notice to Gravity4 as he stepped down from running the Canadian division of the company after having helped establish their presence in Canada. Before Gravity4, Marcus was with Rocket Fuel Canada, and Olive Media. So where is Markus off to next?  We’re hearing some buzz that he’s joining one of the larger […]


Breaking: Bell Media Appoints Kristie Painting To VP Of Digital Sales

By Dave Forde / December 16, 2015

Bell Media has just announced that Kristie Painting has been appointed Vice-President, Digital Sales, Bell Media, effective Jan. 4. Prior to the appointment Kristie spent the last two years as Vice President of Sales at Checkout 51 which was acquired by News Corp back in July 2015. Before that Kristie was with Olive Media in […]


La Presse Cuts Jobs As Part Of Digital Transformation

By Dave Forde / September 24, 2015

Last week La Presse announced it was going to stop producing its daily addition of print newspapers, and instead will publish news through its mobile app and a print version would only be available on Saturday’s which should be no surprise to regular readers of Profectio.  Toronto Star also issued a press release indication that […]


Bye Bye Olive Media, Prepares To Shut The Doors

By Dave Forde / September 17, 2015

Yesterday La Presse announced a major shift as they planned to stop the printing of their Monday – Friday edition of newspapers and opt for a digital version instead.  They also announced that the Olive Media staff “will now be absorbed into the La Presse team as of January.”  A press release was issued later in […]


As Digital Dominates, La Presse Kills Its Daily Print Edition

By Dave Forde / September 16, 2015

No one is saying print is dead (not yet at least), but there can no longer be a debate that the print industry has suffered over the years as the costs of print continue to increase. As media outlets around the globe scramble to discover what the future of their publication will look like La Presse started to dig […]


Breaking: Barbara Rowell Joins MEDIA iQ Digital As Sales Director

By Dave Forde / May 21, 2015

As they look to expand their presence across North America, UK-based MEDIA iQ Digital recently hired Barbara Rowell as their Sales Director based in Toronto.  Previously Barbara was with Rocket Fuel as a Senior Account Executive. Before that Barbara was Strategic Account Executive, Performance, Audience Targeting and Private Exchange at Olive Media; Strategic Account Manager at Torstar […]


Top Canadian Ad & Marketing Stories For Week Ending July 4, 2014

By Dave Forde / July 7, 2014

Communications in Canada took a big change on July 1 as CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) went live, and it definitely will have an impact on corporate communications as we know it.  The publishing world continues to see changes as Toronto Star owned, The Grid shut down last week after 162 issues. Looking at our stats from […]

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