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St. Joesph Gives To A Refresh To Glow Mag And

By Dave Forde / November 5, 2015

For over 34 years, Glow has been providing Canadians with beauty tips, tricks and other information.  This week its parent, St. Joesph Communications announced the print magazine and website of Glow are getting a much needed makeover of its own. This past September unveiled its redesigned issue, Glow Magazine’s new look and feel includes a bold […]


Nominations Open For Canada’s First Annual Social Influencer Nation Awards

By Dave Forde / January 23, 2015

Nominations open today for Canada’s first annual Social Influencer Nation Awards. These nationwide awards will celebrate the best of Canadian Social Media Influencers, the Best Social Media Campaigns and voter’s favourite Social Media Tools. Winners will be announced at an awards gala in downtown Toronto this April 2015. “The entire team is excited about the […]


Event: Social Influencer Nation – Meet n’ Greet – Jan 29

By Dave Forde / January 5, 2015

From Ellen’s Oscar selfie, #BringBackOurGirls, Ice Bucket Challenge, World Cup, blog posts, content marketing, photos and videos of cats chasing lights, they have all filled our inboxes and phones during 2014, what a year! As we roll into 2015, Social Influencer Nation invites agencies, brands, influencers, marketers and anyone who wants to start 2015 off on the right […]


Are You Ready To “Experience DC?” College Rolls Out Its Biggest Recruitment Campaign

By Dave Forde / September 8, 2014

With the 2014-2015 academic year in full swing, Durham College (DC) recently launched its multi-platform Experience DC campaign – and this is most progressive marketing campaign in the college’s history to date. The campaign will run over the next year, and was to bring the college experience to prospective and current students; parents; teachers; and the community via […]


Admit It, You’ve Taken A “Selfie,” Survey Shows 53% Of Canadians Have Taken A Selfie

By Dave Forde / December 3, 2013

According to Oxford Dictionary, the 2013 Word of the Year is “selfie.”  For those who may not know, a “selfie” is defined as “a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.” Even Justin Bieber’s getting in on the act in a big way.  We were able to get Joseph Ottorino, Managing Director, Virgin Mobile […]


Did Instagram's Video Service Just RIP Canadian-Based Keek?

By Dave Forde / June 25, 2013

Over the last week, the Intertubes has been flooded with stories about Instatgram’s (which Facebook bought for $1 billion) launch of a new video service to complement their already popular photo service. Of course rival Vine released a few updates to try and keep its use base active and happy. According to their blog and press release,

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