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Vancouver's Flickr Co-Founder Shuts Down Latest Startup

By Dave Forde / November 19, 2012

Vancouver has had a few startup success stories over the years, one that will also be remember is the $35 million acquisition of photo sharing site Flickr in 2005 by to Yahoo. Since then Co-Founders / husband & wife Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake have gone on to launch new businesses individually.


How Much Web Data is Created Every Minute On The Internet?

By Dave Forde / June 25, 2012

Every moment of the day there are billions of people on the Internet, they consumer content, they create content. Every wonder just how much they create every minute of the day, and on which website or social network they do it on. Well here’s a nifty infographic from Ultralinkx to help answer the question: