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Profectio is dedicated to covering the Canadian online advertising and marketing  industry and is uniquely positioned to help tell the story about your growth to our readers.

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    Brand Awareness: Having your business profiled on PR In Canada gives your access to be top of mind with decision makers across the globe.
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    Member-Only Content: our member-only content can give your business the advantage you need to ensure it is constantly growing and moving forward.  Access to Breaking and Exclusive news stories will give your business an advantage.
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    Lead Generation: we provide access to Leads/ RFPs and One on One introductions to decision makers who are actively looking for your products as specific to help grow their business.
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    Priority Coverage: the stories that your team pitches get front of the line attention from our editorial team.
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    Industry Awards: your company and staff are eligible for our industry award programs that will provide you the opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and accomplishments.
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    Case Studies: we turn your campaign into a success stories.  You and your customers are the hero's of the story and we share that across our network of decision makers.  A permanent resource that you have access too.
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    Vendor Directory: As decision makers turn to our sites for recommendations, your Vendor Directory gives you another place to be profiled (Example #1), (Example #2)

As a Corporate Member our service offers your organization a number of opportunities to help you grow your business:

We know that you want to ensure your current and future clients know about the growth your organization is having, today and tomorrow.

As a Corporate Member we will help you grow your business.  Some of the areas that our readers want to hear about include:

  • Campaign Corner - which brands have launched a new campaign, what and the new ways to get your message in front of your target audience.
  • On The Move - our column dedicated to covering promotions and hires across the industry

You will also have opportunities such as:

  • Thought LeadershipYou want to been seen as someone who is well versed in industry trends.  Our content helps position you and clients as business leaders and can help drive value and solve business problems.

You have grown your business now it is time to let Profectio promote your stories to the right decision makers

You and your team have worked hard to win new business or help a clients launch their campaigns - now let Profectio help share your story with our readers.

Brand Awareness - increase the awareness about your agency's capabilities


Increased Credibility - our industry recognized publication can help tell your story


New Business - gain access to new business opportunities

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    People buy from people they know, like and trust. The more someone trusts you, the more they share their pain points and needs with you. It is at this point that you can make a realistic judgment call to determine if the product or service you're selling is, in fact, a good fit. 
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    Every business needs to be seen as credible. Even multi-national organizations take time to ensure their stories are being covered in trade media.
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    Successful companies invest in building their brand. That's the result you should aim for, with your content. Once your reader understands the story and all the points you've made, they will see that they must have your product (or service, or whatever you're selling).

Your Corporate Membership Includes:

  • Priority Coverage: Ensure your company news gets covered in the most timely manner by our editorial staff
  • Account Wins: members will receive premium coverage about their business and clients as part of our Account Wins section
  • On The Move: As your organization continues to grow by hiring and promotion your talent roster, your content will be included in our coverage
  • Advertising-Free: Removes competitive ads on individual articles about your company
  • Lead Generation Program - you will have access to leads, RFPS, and One on One introductions to buyers
  • And much more...

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