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7 Social Media Marketing Trends To Help For A Strong 2019

By Dave Forde / June 18, 2019

It is hard to find a marketing campaign that does not have a social media component, with over a billion people using social media on a daily basis it has become the default platform to reach the masses. We found an interesting infographic that should help you with your next campaign and emphasizes the following (7) points:


Survey Shows Omnichannel Is In, Traditional Shopping Is So Yesterday

By Dave Forde / November 18, 2015

Blackhawk Network released the results from a survey this week that shows consumers want a convenient shopping experience this holiday season and will be using a mix of traditional, online and mobile ways to shop as a result.  The survey took a look at how consumers research, purchase and give gifts as well as their mobile and […]


75% Of Canadians Embrace Commuter Commerce

By Dave Forde / November 10, 2015

Today, PayPal released the finding of a joint study with Ipsos reveals that, Commuter Commerce, a new shopping behaviour where people shop from their mobile phones while on public transport, is a new retail trend in Canada. Today, 14 per cent of mobile connected commuters shop while in transit, and three in four Canadians (76%) […]


Netflix Continues To Dominate, But Are shomi Or CraveTV Catching Up [Report]

By Dave Forde / September 24, 2015

Broadband and network solutions provider Sandvine released its report on global Internet usage trends today, with data collected as part of the company’s Global Internet Phenomena Program. Netflix continues to be the leading application in Canada accounting for over 34% of video downstream traffic in the peak evening hours. Just four years ago, Netflix accounted for only 13.5% of […]


ZenithOptimedia Says, Internet Ad Spending Will Over Take TV Very Soon

By Dave Forde / June 23, 2015

Readers of Profectio should not be surprised to hear Zenith Optimedia’s latest predictions that calls for Internet advertising to surpass that of TV advertising in the next 2 – 3 years.  With more consumers using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets the Internet has become the “do all things” as people consumer more […]


Happy Data Privacy Day, 34% Canadians Concerned About Security

By Dave Forde / January 29, 2015

Yesterday was Data Privacy Day, which is an International moment where privacy professionals, corporations, government officials, academics and students around the world highlight the impact that technology is having on our privacy rights and underlines the importance of valuing and protecting personal information.  As part of the day, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada […]

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