Our awards program to include Top 40 Under 40Top 40 Under 40 Specialty Awards.  All applicants must be 39 or under by May 15, 2020 and working in Canada.
Judging will be based on a point system (for a total of 10 points), and will use the following criteria to select the winners:

  • Nominee’s efforts, accomplishments and impact. The nomination should reflect a meaningful commitment of time and service by the nominee. The nominee’s service should demonstrate positive impact on the industry.
    • Work Accomplishments [within the past year] – 5 points – Briefly describe one or two examples of something the nominee accomplished during the last year. Ex taking the lead of an innovating campaign; helping lead or launch a new division; increasing business by (x)%; demonstrate excellence in creativity; great problem solving; what did the individual do to make them stand apart at their respective company
    • Volunteer – [within the past year] – 2 points – giving back to the community, donating your time to a great cause/ organization/ project
    • Testimonial – [within the past year] – 2 points – Provide a testimonial from a past / current manager or  client.
    • Profectio member – 1  point – You are an current member of Profectio (any level)  is your chance for coworkers, clients and others who have worked with you to submit their vote for you

Whether you are submitting an example of a work accomplishment or just voting for a nominee it ALL counts towards each nominee’s point score, be sure to take part and your voice heard!

Specialty Awards

  • Account Director or Supervisor of the Year: Superior rapport with clients; developed unique programs whose success should be supported with data. Testimonials from clients will factor into the judging.
  • Agency Account Manager of the Year: Strong planning skills and vision for marketing strategy for a single account or multiple accounts. Demonstrated leadership with clients and team members.
  • Event Marketer of the Year: Demonstrated innovation in marketing live or virtual events using some of the following mediums and methods such as: e-letters, social media, direct mail, Web content, media outreach. Increase in attendance/exhibitors should be demonstrated, as well as revenue increases. In the case of a new event, targets should have been met or exceeded.
  • Government Marketer of the Year: Led successful marketing efforts for a local, state or federal agency or department. Marketing challenges for the agency or department should be stated clearly, as well as evidence of success. (Client-side only)
  • Internal Marketer of the Year: Successfully led an organization’s internal communications efforts during a major organizational change such as a merger, acquisition, CEO change, product launch or rebranding, or has established a successful intranet or social media policy. (Client-side only)
  • Marketing Professional of the Year: Corporate: Demonstrated success at repositioning an organization or brand; led programs that resulted in significant revenue increases; produced unique marketing campaigns that led to increased budgets for marketing activity within a company; successfully built external programs and partnerships. (Client-side only)
  • Marketing Professional of the Year: Nonprofit/Association: Oversaw marketing efforts that led to increased donations or membership that led to increase in awareness of goals of nonprofit organization or association. (Client-side only)
  • Marketing Professional of the Year: Agency: Helped lead your marketing agency to growth in client base and/or revenue; expanded scope of agency’s offerings; spearheaded winning campaign (s) on behalf of a client. (Agency only)
  • Marketing Team Leader: Led a marketing team that demonstrated consistent success over the past year; established herself/himself as a mentor and expanded skill sets of teammates. (Client-side only)
  • Marketer of the Year: You have had a stellar career so far, and continue to deliver results for your agency or brand, must have been working in the marketing industry for 5+ years
  • Executive or Manager:  As a industry professional, you have been in management roles for 5+ years and continue to deliver game changing results
  • Founder: Coming into the industry you want to make big changes, now you run a leading Canadian advertising or marketing agency that is having a strong impact on the business world, must have been working in the marketing industry for 7+ years

Team Awards

  • Agency-Client Team: As a duo, your agency & client relationship has surpassed excellence and resulted in extraordinary business results (Must be at least 1 individual from an agency & client)

** Add as many specific examples as possible to help back up your nomination.

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