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The 2017 Showtime awards have the following (15) categories:

Animated Video

With whimsical, yet relatable characters and a storyline that mirrors the human experience, your video has attracted a broad audience. We want to see the methods, feedback and results of your outstanding animated video.

Charitable or Nonprofit Video

How did you use video to spread awareness and engage the viewer to take immediate action? How did you put your cause into the spotlight through video? We want to know what your goals and results were. Entries from nonprofit organizations or for-profit companies doing charitable work are eligible.

Company Overview Video

How did you digitally capture your organizational goals and services for employee communications and recruitment? How do you highlight your website, pitches and PR and marketing campaigns through video? How do you encapsulate the skills and culture of your organization? We want to know what you did to enhance your company’s message, as well as the feedback you received.

Advertisement Video

The sole purpose of your video was to sell!! Was your video enticing to your audience and made them interested in what your company offered? What was so interesting about your video that made people want to continue watching instead of clicking “Skip Ad”? Tell us all about it. We want to know whether it made a difference in your revenue, too.

Best Brand Video

Best branded content video designed with the purpose of promotion, to build a brand’s image and/or establish a connection with a product or service among consumers.

Educational Video

How did your successful educational video or public service announcement convey urgency and seriousness of purpose to its viewers? How did you keep your audience captivated with serious content? We want to know its mission and, most important, the results.

Event Video

Did you have a video that promoted an event? Perhaps you had an enlightening video that recapped one of your most successful events. Let us see the video you created for your event or program. What was the purpose of the video? Please include responses from your audience(s).

Demonstration Video (How To)

Demonstration videos are on the rise, thanks in large part to those amazing how-to videos on delicious and self-indulgent recipes. How did you use video to maximize exposure to your brand or product by demonstrating how to do something? Your explainer video had people tuned in to begin a new hobby, reinvent their lives or try a new recipe. So, how did you do it? Be sure to share the metrics.

Human Resources Communication Video

There was so much to say, but you did it all in a video or a series of videos that concisely clarified a particular topic for all your employees. How did you produce a video that used facts, statistics and ideas to enthrall new employees, explain new procedures, lay out a vision or update vital information related to HR policy, benefits or new employee training? Why do you consider it a success? Send along any measurable results.

Humorous Video

Lucy, you’ve got some ’splaining to do. Why are people on the floor—and why are they laughing? Explain how you used video to get people rolling on the floor, gripping their bellies from the laughter-induced ab workout. We’re looking for videos that incorporate humor: regular video series, video news, a video with companywide participation or your best social media video post. Share the sober, no-nonsense goal of your video, along with your strategy and success.

Internal Communications Video

We want to see how you delivered company news onscreen in place of a newsletter, extended holiday greetings, announced a merger or new direction, boosted morale or communicated an executive’s statement. Share its success with us, and don’t forget to include employee feedback.

Low-Budget Video (<$2,500)

Digital cameras are cheaper, lighter, more versatile, more powerful and more accessible than ever. It’s easier to make stunning video without paying one cent of overhead. Did you use a smartphone, digital camera or Go-pro? Did you capitalize on user-generated content? Show us how you stretched every dollar and got more video bang for your buck.

Mobile Video

One click, and a moment is captured in the palm of someone’s hands. One post, one share, and it goes on to become viral. But how did you ensure your video was compatible with today’s portable devices? What made it easy for your audience to view your content on the go? We want to see the metrics behind your mobile integration movement.

Multi-Platform Video Campaign

Best advertising campaign integrated through two or more video channels such as online, social, mobile, email, out-of-home, TV or other video platforms with a purpose of advertising, promotion, entertainment, engagement, or driving sales among its consumers. *Must include two or more of the mentioned video channels.

Recruitment Video

Your business would be nothing without good people. How did you use great video to attract great candidates for your team? Share the video that touched the hearts and minds of a bright, demanding audience of potential new hires. How did you attract a new, more digital workforce? What was their response? What story did you convey via video?

Grand Prize

Best Overall Video

We’re looking for a passionate, important idea embodied in a brilliant script or memorable shooting venue that elicited an extraordinary response from employees, stakeholders and/or public consumers. It can be about corporate social responsibility, a business process, employee engagement, customer service, fundraising—any of the thousand activities that organizations conduct. But it must evoke powerful feelings or imaginative responses from its audience(s).

* You can enter in more than 1 award category.

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