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    Lisa Gervais


    Beyond The Cool Factor: Immersive Brand Experiences #FFWDadweek

    By Lisa Gervais / February 4, 2013

    FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week 2013, I caught a glimpse of the technologically possible available to marketers and advertisers. Beyond being very cool, the emerging technology enables brands to connect with their audiences in deeply immersive and highly curated ways. Geneva Film Co.’s James Stewar


    Seven Principles For Managing Change #FFWDadweek

    By Lisa Gervais / January 30, 2013

    FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week 2013 kicked-off with a breakfast presentation by keynote speaker François Olivier, President and CEO, TC Transcontinental, and Interim President, TC Media. Olivier began by providing an overview of the business and highlighted key milestones in the company’s history. He described how the business has grown from producing glossy colour flyers to an expansive print, media and web offering.