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Spot It Makes Strategic Pivot To Help Retails Connect Deeper With Consumer Needs

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Spot ItSpot It, a Canadian retail technology company specializing in mapping solutions for the industry recently announced a big pivot as to how the company is focusing on delivering value.  With consumer behaviour changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the management team behind Spot It was able to “spot” their a bigger opportunity to address the immediate needs of consumers, the platform has seen exceptional engagement since its soft launch in May 2020 as it serves the needs of consumers and retailers across Ontario.

Now the company’s interactive digital mapping solution has become a one-stop marketplace that saves consumers time and money, users can seamlessly search stores for their favourite items and brands, build their shopping lists, map and track their shopping trips and benefit from store sales. Shoppers can efficiently plan their in-store shopping trips to reduce and minimize contact, which is an especially significant feature in the era of COVID-19.

“Based on the B2B studies we conducted prior to COVID-19, we knew that our digital mapping platform could speed up employee productivity, so when the pandemic hit, it only made sense to pivot our model because it could be applied to consumer experiences too,” says Caleb Opersko, founder and CEO of Spot It. “The ways of enhancing the retail shopping experience of the past were inefficient — the Spot It platform is reimagining the experience of the future; transforming the way that people shop and fundamentally shifting the way that retailers do business.”

It is currently displaying store maps of over 100 stores across Ontario, with 500+ searchable items within each map, the platform is accessible to users through its website and new mobile app. 

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Call for entries to Agencies, Publishers & Vendors - Fastest Growing Awards now OPEN