Canada COVID-19 App Launched By Federal Government

Coronavirus, COVID-19One of the biggest challenges people have been faced with in deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is misinformation.  Last month a series of bad rumours from snorting cocaine, drinking bleach and performing other acts made the rounds as part of misinformation.  We have also heard world “leaders” take to the podium and state that the coronavirus would end by Easter.  The Federal government is stepping adding to support Canadian in another way with the addition of their COVID-19 app that is now available for Apple and Google devices.

“This app is just one more way that we can give Canadians information that they are seeking during this outbreak. We are going to continue to reach out to Canadians in any way possible, so that we can work together to flatten the curve,” said Health Minister Patty Hajdu at a ministerial press briefing in Ottawa on Wednesday.

The app provides a brief description of what the virus is, how it spreads, prevention mechanisms, and reminds users what the primary symptoms are and how to get help when needed.