Cineplex Temporarily Shuts Down Theatres, Could Impact $1.6B Acquisition To Cineworld Group

CineplexBack in December 2019 Cineplex [TCO] announced it had been purchased by UK-based Cineworld Group for over $2.8 billion ($34 per share).  While that was just a few months ago, the world has changed drastically with the spread of COVID-19.  Today, Cineplex announced they have temporarily shut down their theatres and location-based entertainment venues across Canada to help further spread of COVID-19. 

Certain financial conditions were put on Cineplex as part of the acquisition deal which include performance its stock which is now at risk. We have already seen several stocks take a hit due to the changing landscape.  How creative can Cineplex become during these times of change, can the company find new revenue sources over the next few months?