Children Believe Rolls Out “Chalkboards for Change” Initiative

Every child has had a dream to grow up and do something unimaginable at the time, those dreams help to inspire and reach for more.  Around the world today, many children have big dreams; however, for the more than 260 million children who do not get to go to school, many obstacles stand in the way of achieving their dreams. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and Canadians can help make a real difference. It starts with a simple piece of chalk.

This morning Children Believe – a Canadian charity that has helped more than one million children around the world overcome barriers to education and other life essentials – launched its “Chalkboards for Change”, a campaign to inspire positive action, and to help children everywhere live and dream fearlessly.

Canadians are encouraged to share their own childhood dreams by writing them on a chalkboard – a symbol of education and a catalyst for change.

Up until April 15, Canadians can share their childhood dreams with the hashtag #ChalkboardsforChange on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the website, you can visit the organization’s website for more details.

James Duthie, TSN sportscaster and Children Believe volunteer ambassador, had a childhood dream to become a football player.

Agencies behind Chalkboards for Change initiative?

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