KFC Canada Makes It Finger Lickin’ Good To Order On Alexa

KFC CanadaBack in 2017 KFC Canada [TCO] launched their “Talk Chicken to Me” feature where consumers could use their Alexa devices to tell you chicken jokes, pick-up lines, and random chicken thoughts.  Today, KFC Canada [TCO] announced their latest digital innovation to help bring their products to your front door.   Now through your Alexa device Canadians can chat all things chicken with Colonel Sanders himself, including re-ordering their KFC meals.

“We are excited to be one of the first brands to adopt the Amazon Polly enhanced text-to-speech voice technology to create a seamless and distinctively KFC re-ordering experience for our fans,” said Jason Cassidy, Marketing Director, KFC Canada. “The Colonel was passionate about his fried chicken and this new skill makes re-ordering your favorite KFC menu items easier than ever but in a fun and memorable way.”

Tapping into Amazon Web Services, you can now talk to Alexa to re-order your next KFC meal.  

Agencies behind KFC Canada’s Alexa integration?

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