Hyundai Taps Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch And David Ortiz For Super Bowl LIV Commercial

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp--Hyundai reveals Super Bowl LIV commercAs Canadians get ready for the big game day this weekend,  Hyundai has already rolled out a new 60-second comedic sot that will run during the game features a cast of well-known Boston celebrities including Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch and Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz.

“Most of the brands behind these commercials created exclusively for the Super Bowl will not have them visible in Canada during the game. After viewing the fantastic ad, we knew we had to bring it North,” said Don Romano, President and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada. “Therefore, we invested in acquiring the Canadian rights to the ad in order to have it shown during the Canadian broadcast of Super Bowl LIV on CTV, in parallel with the US.”

The Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial features the all-new 2020 Sonata, a fully transformed vehicle that showcases a sporty four-door-coupe look and represents Hyundai’s new focus on creating an emotional appeal using proportion, styling and technology.

Agencies behind Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial?

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