Toronto-based Nudge Shuts Down

NudgeToronto-based Nudge, a revenue intelligence platform has announced it has shut down this week.

The startup creed is to “celebrate failure”. It’s a noble goal as failure is the eternal partner of risk-taking.

But in failure, “celebration” is not the main emotion that presents itself. It’s not even sadness, as you grow accustomed to the relentless highs and lows of startup life. There is sadness, to be sure, but it’s not the main emotion.

The main emotion of this dark time is thankfulness.

Nudge was Co-Founded by Paul Teshima and Steven Woods back in 2014, previously they had worked for Eloqua which was sold to Oracle for $957 million. The company offered free and paid version of its service, and through various attempts the team was unable to make it financially viable to continue forward. Nudge had raised a total of $10 million.