TekSavvy Campaign Takes A Shot At Bell And Rogers, “Pay Less To Connect”

TekSavvyDo you hate the high wireless prices that Bell and Rogers charge you and other Canadians? TekSavvy Solutions [TCO] has launched a new campaign that urged Canadians to rally behind the teleco and share their support for a historic CRTC decision to lower Internet prices. Paylesstoconnect.ca was created where Canadians can add their support against the Big Telcos, such as Bell and Rogers, you can petition the federal cabinet to cancel the decision and hike Internet prices instead. 

The CRTC found Big Telcos broke its rules and fabricated costs to inflate their rates for competitors, keeping prices high for Canadians. During its 4-year rate-setting process, the CRTC condemned the Big Telcos’ Internet rate-fixing as “very disturbing”, lowered their rates and ordered them to repay overbilled amounts back to March 2016 (estimated at $325 million).

Agencies behind the Teksavvy Pay Less To Connect campaign?

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