Hope Bagozzi Appointed Chief Marketing Officer At Tim Hortons

Hope BagozziTim Hortons [TCO] is looking to make some big changes to its brand and has brought on Hope Bagozzi as their new Chief Marketing Officer.  In the role Hope she will be responsible for all aspects of the Tim Hortons brand and it looks to leverage all channels including online, offline, television and print.

Before this move Hope spent close to 14 years at McDonald’s Canada [TCO] working in a number of senior marketing roles, most recently their Marketing Officer reporting to the CMO, Antoinette Benoit.

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In the US, McDonald’s has had its share of Executive turn over with the firing of the CEO, a top HR person quitting and appointment of a new CEO.

What this means for Tim Hortons?

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The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.