Are You Looking For A New Agency Partner? We Can Help With Your Search

Help MeAs you and your team start out on this journey in the new year, the new decade you will be looking to achieve more results. Reach new audiences, maybe sell more products and/ or services.  This can not be done alone and you need a good business partner.  You need to find the right agency partner who will deliver you the right business results.

We can help you find a new agency partner

For over 10 years our network which includes The Connected One, PR In Canada and Profectio has been covering news about the Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Technology industry.  We have been covering the Account Wins, Campaigns, and staff changes of agencies all across the world.

Post Your RFP With Us

Are you looking for a new agency to hire as your AOR or maybe for a project – post your RFP with us. Do you need a recommendation on which agency can help you solve your business problems – let one of our Community Managers help.

Seize the day and let us help you find the right agency partner for your business needs.