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Dairy Farmers of Canada Presents Santa’s New Talk Show

Dairy Farmers of Canada Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) have launched a new holiday-themed digital ad campaign today that uses humour to address some of the common misconceptions about milk and dairy farming practices, with dairy farmers in the stars of the video.

In the campaign Santa takes the role of a fun-loving talk-show host, with his guests – real millennial dairy farmers – as the comedic foil.  Through this campaign, DFC aims to help their target audience of millennials to better understand how dairy farmers are committed to producing high quality milk, adopting innovative practices and caring for the health of their animals.

“The humorous and engaging segments in our newest campaign Both Sides of the Glass highlight the hard work and care that epitomizes the dedication of Canadian dairy farmers,” said Pamela Nalewajek, Vice President, Marketing, DFC. “We use a light comedic tone to convey relevant messaging about innovation, animal health, milk quality and the dedication of Canadian dairy farmers in a way that will resonate with Millennials.”

The campaign is the second of two holiday-themed campaigns to launch this December linking milk and dairy farming with the magic of Christmas. The other, Santa Surprise, celebrates the enduring tradition of leaving out a glass of milk for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Both campaigns help consumers understand that in choosing products marked with DFC’s blue cow logo, they are buying high-quality dairy products made with care by Canadian dairy farmers.

Both Sides of the Glass launches on December 9th with national digital placements targeted to Millennials. Campaign placements will include online videos, social media, web ads and cinemas in Quebec and will run until December 29th.

Agencies behind the Dairy Farmers of Canada Santa Talk Show campaign?

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