Merrell Gets Ready To Take Canadians “Out of Bounds” With New Line Of Winter Boots

MerrellMerrell rolled out their latest campaign which showcases the Merrell with Vibram Arctic Grip boots. The scene is set in the Pemberton Icefield in British Columbia, Canada, the creative campaign is a representation of how Merrell creates boots to perform on the toughest of surfaces, wet ice.

As part of the creative, a 15 second, 30 second and 90 second videos in both French and English were created and accompanied by digital paid media, social media and website support.  The campaign provides stunning and dramatic visuals of the product in action, pushing the boots to their limits deep in a mountaintop ice cave, below 12 meters of creaking blue ice. This is accompanied by a voiceover from product engineer at Vibram, Yann Schoenhagen, who offers a credible voice on the design of the product.


“This is our third campaign featuring Merrell winter boots with Vibram Arctic Grip wet ice technology and we challenged our agency team to come up with a fresh creative concept that was product first. The team at Innocean have been great partners and understand the journey we’ve been through. They continue to help us push the boundaries and keep Merrell top-of-mind when it comes to slip-resistant winter footwear, Stella Law, Marketing Manager at Merrell ”



Agencies behind Merrell’s Out of Bounds campaign?

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