Breaking: Joshua Bloom Appointed Head Of Canada For TikTok

Joshua BloomAs the latest social media app continues to grow its marketshare, TikTok [TCO] has targeted Canada as the next growth market.  To help with growth in Canada TikTok has appointed as the Head Of Canada, Global Busines Solutions.

Prior to the move he spent the last 10 years at Facebook [TCO] in various roles including Head of Auto; Marketing Solutions: Director of Retail; and Client Partner. Before that he was with MySpace as part of their Marketing Solutions team.

What this means for TikTok?  Why it matters?

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  • Joshua has a track record for being at the front of the line when global companies are looking to expand into Canada, and TikTok picked the right guy to help the company expand
  • He comes to the table with a strong roledex on both the agency and brand side and has been part of the Canadian digital ecosystem for close to 20 years
The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.