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Fluent Beverages Appoints Becky Lindsey As Chief Marketing Officer

Becky LindseyBecky Lindsey has been appointed the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Fluent Beverages, a
non-alcohol CBD-infused beverage.  Fluent Beverages is a new venture between High Park (part of Tilray) and Labatt  [TCO] containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), the products will hit the markets once Canadian regulations allow for it. In the role Becky will be responsible for the development and execution for Fluent as they enter the market.

Before the role Becky spent the last 9 years with Labatt in various roles, most recently
TitleDirector, Bud Light & Michelob Ultra. Other roles include Director, Bud Light; Senior Brand Manager – Bud Light.

What this means for Fluent Beverages/ Labatt?  Why it matters?

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  • This is a huge career opportunity for Becky as she will not only be involved in the roll out of a new product but an entirely new category
  • Her close to 10 years at Labatt will allow her to leverage the company’s infrastructure and deep history within the beverage category
  • This new partnership will automatically bring a new revenue source to both Labatt and Tilray from day one of its launch
The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.