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Jill McDonald Appointed Associate Partner At M&K Media

Jill McDonaldM&K Media [TCO] has appointed Jill McDonald to the role of Associate Partner of the Toronto-based media buying agency. In the role Jill will continue her day to day role of overseeing the management and operations of the agency, she will also play a key role as part of the management team.

Jill first joined M&K back in July 2018.  Before M&K Prior to M&K, she was with Starcom for 8 years in a number of roles including Group Account Director; Account Director; and Associate Strategy Director. Before that she was Toronto Media Manager at Bos Advertising.

What this means for M&K Media?  Why it matters?

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  • Over her 15+ years in the industry Jill has strong knowledge of the media landscape across various channels
  • Jill has quickly moved her way to the management team at M&K which sounds like Julie King and Julie McIlroy might be grooming her to take over the agency one day
The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.