Bryan Pearson Out As CEO Of LoyaltyOne

Alliance Data Systems Corporation (ADS) issued a press release last week:

…departure of executive vice president Bryan A. Pearson, effective as of August 9, 2019.

The leadership change is part of a Board-led initiative to reposition and improve operational efficiencies at LoyaltyOne’s businesses and as part of an ongoing, previously announced Board plan to simplify Alliance Data’s business while focusing capital on its highest-earning and growth assets. The Board of Directors extends its thanks to Mr. Pearson for his service.

Bryan PearsonADS is the parent company of LoyaltyOne [TCO], you know the guys behind the AIR Miles loyalty program.

As an interim, Charles Horn will oversee LoyaltyOne until a permanent replacement is announced while Blair Cameron will continue to serve as president of the AIR MILES Reward Program and Brian Ross will remain as president for the Precima business.

It does seem like this is a sudden departure, so much that the still has Bryan Pearson listed as the company’s CEO as of the time of this being published – opps.