Rogers Appoints Jordan Banks As President Of Rogers Media

Jordan BanksAs the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them join them,” but in the case of Rogers Communications you hire the guy who ran their Canadian operations for close to a decade.  As they continue to battle for advertising dollars Canada’s largest communications company Rogers has hired Jordan Banks as President of Rogers Media.  Jordan will be starting on September 9th replacing Rick Brace who has announced his retirement and beginning his transition period.  Rogers Media has shifted its focus over the last year selling off a number of its publication properties.  Today some of Rogers Media’s properties includes Sportsnet, Citytv, OMNI Television, the Toronto Blue Jays, The Shopping Channel and 56 radio stations.

Prior to the move Jordan was the Managing Director at Facebook Canada where he played a key role in both Facebook and Instagram’s growth over the last 7 years.  Before that he was CEO of JumpTV; and Managing Director of eBay Canada.

In the new role with Rogers Media Jordan will be focused on driving revenue across the Rogers Media owned properties.


What this means for Rogers Communications? Why it matters?

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The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.