YouTube Shuts Down Toronto Creator Space Studio

Toronto’s creative community was all a buzz back in the spring of 2016 as YouTube opened up its Toronto Creator Space Studio housed in George Brown’s downtown campus which offered training, networking and production opportunities to people who want to create content.  Last Thursday an email was sent to the online creator community and stated that YouTube plans to shut down its Toronto Creator Space Studio.

“We are moving from a fixed model based out of YouTube Space Toronto into a community-based model where we’ll meet creators where they live. This will include a mix of workshops, events and pop-up spaces, allowing us to better connect with the unique communities of creators from coast to coast,” Mark Swierszcz, Manager of YouTube’s Toronto studio, said in a statement.

In its place will be a series of “pop-ups” in cities across Canada which they say is a strategy to provide access to assets and training creators would not have otherwise had access to.  The pop-up concept has been tested in the past twice in Montreal.  End of the day this is just another bad PR nightmare for Google as the company already has a tainted reputation in Toronto.