Sid Lee Appoints Andy Bateman As First US CEO

As Sid Lee aims to

Global creative agency Sid Lee [TCO] aims to expand its offering in the United States the agency has hired its first US-based CEO.  News has come out that Sid Lee [TCO]has appointed Andy Bateman as its first U.S. CEO in a move to expand its scope in the region.

Prior to joining Andy was National Lead Partner, Innovation Strategy at Deloitte in Australia where he lead the national innovation strategy practice.  He had focus on building out the consultancy’s innovation strategy, design and delivery.   Before that Director of Corporate Strategy at Advance Global Australians.

Sid Lee was originally headquarted in Montreal and acquired by Kyu back in July 2015.  Andy will report to Sid Lee President Vito Piazza.



What this means for Sid Lee?

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The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.