The US Launches An Attack On Huawei, Will Canada Follow?

Are you an owner of a Huawei smartphone? If so you probably have some questions about how much longer you will be able to access updates to your favourite apps.  You might also be wondering if some of the same problems the company is facing in the United States will also start to happen here by the Canadian government.  First there was the trade ban by the US government which basically kills the company’s ability to do business in the United States. Then hours later Google also joined in the fight (or complied with the ban), and announced that Huawei will be restricted on its access to the Android operating system.

Canada has been relatively quite on the issue, it took some involvement back in December as the company’s CFO was arrested in Vancouver at the airport.  She is currently on house arrest.  Things could change in the coming months and Canada might follow suit and issue its own trade ban.