Let The Games Begin As No Frills Rolls Out Hauler: Aisles of Glory

As they continue to experiment with new ways to connect with consumers, No Frills recently launched its latest marketing campaign aimed to give Canadians a taste of virtual reality.  The retailer has created a web-based game called Hauler: Aisles of Glory that can be played via a web browser giving consumers a operate a virtual shopping carts as they try to earn PC Optimum points in real life.

“Every major sport has a video game franchise, so why should hauling be any different?” says Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Loblaw Companies. “The best haulers aren’t born – they’re made. This game is designed to let them practice before they head to No Frills for an epic haul.”

Based on the in-store shopping experience, Haulers will train for their next shopping trip by running through an 8-bit animated No Frills, collecting points for hauling groceries and avoiding unnecessary frills and obstacles not commonly found at grocery stores like diamonds, limousines, and expensive speed boats. The Hauler will dash seamlessly between the different sections of the store through produce, packaged goods, bakery, meat and even outside through the parking lot.

The campaign also includes campaign includes a new commercial, community events at local stores, as well as new items on haulershop.com.