Can Cineplex’s Digital Partnership With Mountain Equipment Co-op Keep Streaming Movie Goers?

  • Mountain Equipment Co-op partnered with Cineplex Digital Media (Cineplex) to create new in-store experience
  • Streaming video services continue to be a potential threat to Cineplex’s future revenue

MEC CineplexLast week Cineplex Digital Media or CDM (owned by Cineplex) [TCO] announced a new partnership with retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) [TCO] to create a new digital experience across MEC stores throughout Canada.  As part of the new partnership, CDM will work alongside MEC to provide ongoing customer support as well as develop and maintain a customer-first content strategy that engages and educates shoppers throughout their visits to the stores.

Over the next few months 20 screen will be integrated into MEC [TCO] stores that will provide store visitors easily access information on products and upcoming events. Both new features are currently displayed at MEC’s new flagship store, with plans to expand to 20 additional MEC locations throughout Canada over the coming months.  There is also a high probability that CDM will also leverage the partnership to integrate Cineplex movie information onto the digital screen networks. Cineplex has been forced to experiment with new ways to drive its revenue (such as the odd home deliver of popcorn) as streaming video services continues to heat up.

It is a smart partnership for both brands that provide more upside with Cineplex being able to not only gain from advertising revenue on the screen, but the increased movie sales through the additional promotion.