As Rogers Exits The Publishing Game St Joseph Snaps Up Media Properties

MagazineSince taking the helm back in 2016, Joseph Natale has been quick to cut and streamline operations at Rogers, Canada’s largest telecommunications company.  This should not come as a big surprised, Rogers has had some very bad years in its 50+ year history.  Today Rogers Media (division of Rogers) entered into a deal with St. Joseph Communications (SJC) and Rogers Media will acquire all seven of Rogers Media’s consumer print and digital
magazine brands.  The properties that SJC has acquired include Maclean’s, Chatelaine (English and French), Today’s Parent, HELLO! Canada, digital publications FLARE and Canadian Business, as well as the company’s Custom Content business.

“We are pleased to add these renowned titles to our portfolio of award-winning
media brands and to welcome their dedicated staff into the St. Joseph family,”
said Tony Gagliano, Executive Chairman & CEO of SJC. “We also want to
welcome their diverse and loyal audiences and advertisers who have supported
these brands through the years.”

SJC plans to make a smooth transition and offer all Rogers Media employees effected by a deal to become SJC employees, the deal is expected to close
Current subscribers will continue to receive their print and digital subscriptions.

What this means to for St Joseph Media?

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The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.