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Rakuten Kobo Appoints Marianne Hamilton As Chief Marketing Officer

Marianne HamiltonRakuten Kobo has just announced that Marianne Hamilton has been appointed to the role of Chief Marketing Officer.  Marianne first joined Rakuten in 2012 to help increase the brands presence through its global network of retail partners as VP of Marketing; in 2015, she was given responsibility for all marketing functions globally from customer relationship management and loyalty, to digital marketing, advertising, creative, product marketing, and brand strategy. Prior to Rakuten Kobo, Marianne worked in marketing and communications agency-side on top brands such as Timex, Sony PlayStation, Hewlett-Packard; she was also Director of Marketing at Motorola.

Marianne  will report to Michael Tamblyn, CEO of Rakuten Kobo.


What this means to Rakuten Kobo?

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The above represents other recent changes in the communications and public relations industry across Canada.