What Are The Top Social Media Tools? #SocialMediaSuccess Awards

Social media has provided brands all across the world an opportunity to engage with audiences at a few clicks of a button.  This very story you are reading from our website, or our social profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or our email newsletter.  Consumer facing brands invest millions into social media every year, but are the getting the results the set out to achieve?  Enter the social media tools – tools to help monitor, measure and give us the metrics of our social media activities and campaigns.

Profectio and PR In Canada and has been covering campaigns that involve and use social media for years and now we are giving you a chance to get the recognition for your successful campaigns as part of our #SocialMediaSuccess awards.  Early bird registration is now open so be sure and enter before the deadline ends.

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We have (3) award categories available including:

  • Best Use of Social Media – which campaigns helped get the best results?
  • Best Social Media Tools – what the tools that help us post, measure, and monitor?
  • Best Social Media Influencer Agency – who are the agencies that offer the best social media influencers?

#socialmediasuccess awards
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