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jadeo.co Launches Cannabis Hub, Aims Brings Best Of Facebook, LinkedIn & WebMD

With the global cannabis market rapidly growing month to month it has attracted everyone from celebrities such as Snoop, Dick Wolf, Cliff Robinson, Whoopi Goldberg; government bodies looking to regulate it; new businesses looking to provide cannabis-based products.  Cannabis has commonly been a “taboo” topic and affiliated with “Bob in his basement smoking a doobie,” but with more research we are hearing about various medical uses of cannabis where it has saved lives.  For consumers it will become increasingly confusing knowing what information is correct or who is providing quality and legal information.

Enter jadeo.co is a global community and trusted network for information and education on cannabis for wellness seekers, businesses, and professionals.

“Jadeo.co addresses an imminent need for access to credible cannabis information and education, within a safe, transparent community. We are cannabis made simple, so those who join us can easily learn and share knowledge on hyper-relevant topics,” says Michael Mancinelli, Founder and CEO of jadeo.co. Pronounced ‘jade’, as in the deep healthy colour of green in cannabis plants, and ‘oh’ symbolizing the world and inclusive community, the company’s based in Toronto.

Formerly a consultant for Starseed Holdings Inc., Mr. Mancinelli saw a gap in the global market for an industry-wide, streamlined community. “Canada is a progressive force in both tech and cannabis, jadeo.co is a natural marriage of the two, leading the global cannabis conversation via its nimble and highly innovative platform.”

Putting visitors’ experience first to build lasting and meaningful relationships, jadeo.co’s digital community has an in-house creative team, Leaders In Residence (LiRs), to support integrated branding experiences. “We’ve placed strict guidelines on ad standards and approvals (no random ad exchanges allowed), restrictions on placements and topics, monitoring of fake news, highly curated editorial, and an airtight privacy policy to protect members,” says Tara O’Doherty, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at jadeo.co.  Many readers of Profectio will know Tara from her extensive career in the digital industry and expertise in the area of user exchange (UX).  Michael and Tara are joined by Connor Rogerson who bring her expertise as healthcare educations as the third Co-Founder in jadeo.co.