Advertising Standards Canada – Annual General Meeting and Research Presentations [Event]

Advertising is everywhere; you can’t miss it. But what do Canadians really think about the ads they encounter everyday? To learn more, Ad Standards regularly surveys consumer attitudes about advertising. Conducted by The Gandalf Group, our 2018 research focused on the following topics:

  • Consumer Trust in Advertising
  • Value of Advertising
  • What is unacceptable about Advertising
  • Consumer Perceptions of Online Influencers
  • Brand Trust in Key Advertising Sectors

Join us at our 2018 Annual General Meeting and Keynote Address, where David Herle of The Gandalf Group will explain Ad Standards’ research and deliver insightful analysis of the findings. Tiffany Heimpel, Managing Director (Canada), will then share an early look at IZEA’s annual research and discuss findings related to the role and responsibilities of online influencers. You won’t want to miss this exciting event!