Office Hours With dubdub, Blockchain Meets Video Creation Creates New Revenue For Publishers

Office Hours

As part of our ongoing Office Hours program we recently were introduced to a startup called dubdub.  Toronto-based dubdub has a unique take on how publishers who create video content can monetize what they create with their advertisers.  Their technology platform also helps deliver a unique and highly engaging experience for audiences.

Who is dubdub?

According to the company website, “dubdub is a mobile video creation platform that offers a variety of tools to help brands, influencers and individuals seamlessly create, edit and share high quality, monetizable videos. Through their suite of digital and physical products; dubsuite, dubcandy and dubloft, dubdub guides its users through the complete process of making fully optimized online content. dubdub is headquartered in Toronto and has additional offices in Montreal and New York.”

What sets dubdub apart?

dubdub offers a simple to use video content creation tool + blockchain asset management & monetization capabilities + serial entrepreneurs = a strong formula for success their users.

Why we like dubdub?

The People

Behind dubdub is serial entrepreneur Zbigniew Barwicz, President and CEO (who has had 3 successful exits so far) and Frédéric Dionne (a lawyer turned entrepreneur), who collectively have a strong grasp on technology trends and what businesses need to solve problems.

We were first introduced to dubdub by Alfredo Tan who also has a long standing track record of success in the digital industry for 20+ years.  Alfredo is involved as a Strategic Advisors and someone who has played a key role in many of Canada’s top onlne properties over his career, so when he says “You have to check out these guys,” you can’t help but be curious.  Readers of Profectio will certainly know the name Paul Lavoie, Founder of advertising agency Taxi, Paul is also a Strategic Advisor with dubdub.

What problem does dubdub solve

Whether you are the Globe & Mail, Washington Post or a social media influener, all online publishers face some common problems such as trying to engage their audiences and increase time spent on their property (vs send them away to a social media site which they can not control).  Publishers are also challenged with finding new ways monetize their traffic in a meaningful way that does not alienate site visitors.

A walk through with dubdub

We had a chance to have a walk through dubdub with Co-Founder Frédéric Dionne. We were blown away by the platform’s capabilities and the technology behind what will certainly bring a new opportunity to video content creators.  dubdub offers a very unique way to increase engagement with audiences. There is also a huge opportunity for retailers who are not just looking for ways to show their inventory, but to also integrate “buy now” type links, or links for site visitors to get more information.

With the use of the company’s ICE editor, publishers can create overlays on video content whether it be a pop up message or the ability to share the video with the viewer’s social circle.

dubdub’s business model flips the traditional advertising model on its side by using blockchain technology to place ad content into the video itself, allowing the viewer to watch without pausing for an advertisement.

dubdub’s game changing model

The dubdub team also helped create Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP), a non-profit that aims to furthers the way people interact with video content online.  Each registered IVEP participant is assigned a unique trust score, alongside a Human Proof Score for the audience of any IVEP enabled content. Scores are then calculated based on engagement, behavioral and quality metrics, including the amount of value a participant brings to the protocol and its members.

dubdub is a company that is now on our radar and we’ll keep a close eye on their solution as the company continues to evolve.