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Have Facebook And Google Killed Innovation In Canada?

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  • Many online business that relied upon advertising as their sole revenue source have shrunk and ceased due to Facebook and Google’s dominance
  • Facebook and Google’s combine revenue is larger than any other single online property

The combined duolopy created by Facebook and Google represents the largest online advertising market share we have seen in history. eMarketer reported back in September 2017 that Facebook and Google are responsible for over 60% of online advertising revenue in the United States. It is fair to draw a similar comparison for Canada, especially since the two countries have typically been similar when it comes to online advertising.

Most online businesses today rely upon a business that has a large component where their revenue comes from digital advertising.

Shift or Suffer

Over the years have written quite a bit about the digital industry, and highlighted companies who had a business model with a limited degree of scale – remember Olive Media? TC Media is another causality to a business that did not made a fast enough shift in relation to the changing times.  The digital industry is not what it used to be ten years ago, or even five years ago and now we are also see a number of talented people “on the bench” or step aside as they search for that next great opportunity.

Is the programatic party over?

Five years ago all the headlines, industries parties and water cooler conversations were centered around some type of programmatic company.  That conversation has adjusted and most of the US-based programmatic companies who hired and set up a Canadian office have since abandoned that type of support for Canada.

What is the next big thing to hit the Canadian digital industry

As platform for the industry Profectio has a unique opportunity to share what is happening in the industry and that is exactly what we want to know. We are going to launch a new offering where we want to hear from companies within the digital space that are evolving, revolutionizing, or simply put – helping to change the digital industry. Let us know about companies who are shaking up the industry.