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Reshift Turns 5, A Look Back At Their Journey With Kirk Allen & Steve Buors

It has been a little over five years since we shared the news about the birth of Reshift Media [Marketplace Listing] which was founded by industry veterans Kirk Allen and Steve Buors.  The two men set out to launch a digital company that would help fill in some of the gaps they saw within the market place.  This quickly evolved into the creating Social Media Amplifier, a tool to help brands connect better with audiences on Facebook (which has also evolved as you will read below). The two men also have grown the business to the point where they now employee a team in the double-digits and expanded business into over many countries around the world.

We decided to take a moment and catch up with Kirk and Steve and look back at the last five years…

What is Reshift Media today?

Reshift Media is a digital marketing organization specializing in multi-location businesses such as franchises, retailers and food services. We provide customized social media, search, design, development and software services across a variety of industries in 20 countries worldwide.
The biggest change since we launched is the addition of software products, which are used by about 400 businesses and agencies.
We started with the Social Brand Amplifier for organic posting several years ago and have more recently added on advertising tools for Facebook and Google specifically for multi-location businesses. With the addition of these new features, we have re-branded the products to all fall within a “Brand Amplifier” product. Overall, the “Brand Amplifier” suite of products enables multi-location businesses to:

  • Build and deploy localized Facebook and Google advertising campaigns
  • Measure campaigns across a large number of locations
  • Enable local ad customization, targeting and budgeting
  • Post organic content across dozens, hundreds or thousands of Facebook pages
  • Aggregate analytics across their local pages
  • Monitor for reviews/comments across a huge network of pages
Looking back over the years, what has been the the biggest surprise?

The degree of international interest has certainly been a pleasant surprise. We focus most of our energy on Canada and the US, so the fact that people are finding us from places all over the world has been something we did not expect. It certainly has expanded the length of our workday, as we routinely are on calls with Australia, the UK and other parts of the world. We have clients in: Canada, US, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Australia, Poland, Spain, Romania, Cyprus, UAE, Bali, Mexico, New Zealand, India, Russia and France.

What was your ‘ah ha’ moment when you knew you had something that the market wanted to buy?

Having been in the industry for some time before we started Reshift Media, we could see which way the market was moving. We saw first-hand that consumers (and therefore marketing as an industry) was moving away from “traditional” media players and towards digital media – particularly social media and search. We saw this as a major opportunity to create a company focused on providing digital marketing and development services to companies attempting to capitalize on this trend. We were very deliberate in our approach – we were determined to build a company that could not only come up with the “big ideas”, but also had the in-house expertise to actually do the work to make the ideas a reality. We wanted to constantly be on the leading edge of digital marketing so that we could provide the greatest value to our customers – we felt this would set us apart in the market.
All that to say that I don’t know that there was one specific “ah ha” moment per se. It has been more about executing against the plan we put together when we were designing the business.

Where did the Social Brand Amplifier come from? It was not part of the original business.

We are rebranding “Social Brand Amplifier” as the “Brand Amplifier” as we are combining the Facebook posting and Facebook/Google advertising functions into one product. Plus it is shorter to say!
This is a great question. When we started the company we always said that we would keep our eyes open for “big ideas” and jump on them when we saw an opening. The Social Brand Amplifier (and later, the ad platform) were two of those ideas. Because we were working with a number of franchise and retail businesses, we saw that they had specific social media and search challenges which were not being addressed. We saw that the introduction of a specific software platform aimed at solving their organic and paid advertising challenges could save multi-location companies time and money while also delivering better results. So we decided to build it. We trialed the software with exiting clients to fine-tune it, and then rolled it out to a broader audience. It has been a core piece of our business ever since.

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