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4 Things To Expect From From Garrick Tiplady, Facebook Canada’s New Leader [Update]

Garrick TiplayWhen Jordan Banks left the top spot at Facebook Canada he left a gap that was not filled for several months, but earlier this month Garrick Tiplady was appointed as the new Managing Director.  Many readers have asked and speculated as to what the market can expect from Garrick Tiplady and Facebook Canada, here are a few thoughts:

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Agency tour – With #45 in place many sites such as Facebook, Google and Twitter can under heavy scrutiny as to what role they played in the allegations of Russian hacks that helped to influence the United States election.  As a result many agencies and brands have started to question sites such as Facebook and the quality of its advertising platform.  You can expect Garrick hit with questions about Facebook’s role as he starts his tour to introduce himself to the top agencies spenders in Canada.

Staff – Do not expect a lot of turn over – Garrick isn’t a ‘rock the boat’ kinda guy. Also don’t expect a mass hiring spree, Facebook is a mature social network media company now, and Canada is no longer one of its major growth markets.
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