Who Is Next To Take Top Spot At Google Canada?

A few weeks ago we reported that Sam Sebastian left the top spot at Google Canada a few week ago many readers have been asking who will take appointed to run the Canadian operation.  So here are some of the people our readers have been talking about as candidates to run Google Canada:
By far one of the longest serving Google Canada employees is Eric Morris, he has moved up the ranks over the years, and seen the company grow its presence in Canada and the shared office space to now multiple locations across Canada.  Over time he has been approached for a number of senior positions including running Twitter when it was first looking to launch in Canada. Eric is currently Director, Retail at Google Canada.

Maybe it could be…

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Mickey Jackman who is the Head of Strategy and Operations at Google Canada, reporting to Sam and part of the Canadian management team. Prior to Google Mickey was Head of Integrated and Customer Experience Division at Apple Canada.

Another candidate who has been mentioned is Sabrina Geremia, she is currently Managing Director, Integrate Solutions at Google Canada. With over ten years at Google (in Canada and Europe) she has held roles in many areas of the digital giant including Head of Agency Relations and Head of Branding Sector.

Since stepping down from his role at AOL a few months ago Graham Moysey is currently a “free agent”, and very qualified to become the fourth person to run the advertising giant here in Canada.

Alfredo Tan is another name that has been mentioned as a possible candidate, and like Graham, Alfredo is currently a “free agent” after saying goodbye to Facebook Canada last month and an extensive and successful career working in the digital industry. He was very close to running Yahoo Canada at one point in time.

You can not talk about running a national digital company without bringing up the name Patrick “The Builder” Lauzon, who has bought and built divisions and companies over the years.

Another candidate that can now officially be added to the list is Rory Capern who gave notice as he left the head role at Twitter Canada yesterday.

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