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BELL, Corus, Rogers, Watch Your Revenue As Facebook Is Streaming

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Tug of WarWith over 8.5 users in Canada Facebook has announced its latest product offering called Watch.  Facebook Watch will offer live and recorded shows that will stream on Facebook, prior to launch it Facebook acquired streaming rights from Major League Baseball (MLB), with other producing partners including National Geographic, Time, NASA and the NBA.

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Simply put, this is not good news for Canadian television broadcasters such as BELL, Corus  and Rogers as this now brings another competitor to the field for consumer’s attention, and ultimately advertising revenues.

Google and Facebook Account For Over 70% Of Online Advertising Revenue In 2017

Many area also comparing Facebook Watch to YouTube, which is owned by Google, and just another way the two Internet giants will battle for advertising dollars, as it stands combined they are responsible for 70% of all online advertising being spent today.

Rogers and Shaw already tried a streaming service which they later killed making for an interesting 2016; back in April of this year Bell announced its newest service ALT TV but both come with a monthly subscription fee unlike Facebook’s Watch which will be free.

What If Netflix Offered A Solution For Advertisers?

The data does not lie, Netflix dominates streaming video around the globe, but what if they came out with an advertising product for brands.  Could they give Google and Facebook a run for their money?