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10 Keys To Great Online Video

Have you decided which video you will be submitting for our Showtime Awards? Between PR In Canada and Profectio we have see hundreds of videos each year. Here are 10 things to consider before hitting record for your next video:

  1. Keep it real – don’t over script, use real people and don’t over produce it
  2. Keep it genuine – adding on to the previous point, don’t try to trick people or lie… they’ll figure it out
  3. Make people laugh – few things spread as fast as humor online, especially if you can hit the ‘bored at work audience’
  4. Keep it short – size matters with online video – the shorter and too the point, the better; rule of thumb is 3 minutes
  5. Make them feel good – if you make viewers smile (or cry with joy), they’ll be more likely to spread it
  6. Make it original – don’t fake the funk, ensure your video is 100% original
  7. Let it spread on its own merit – don’t try to push it too hard or pay to spread it (these videos often fail)
  8. Get influencers to like it – to contradict the last point, it doesn’t hurt to send it to people with pull – if they like it and share it, it can make all the difference
  9. Pick a time that is most likely to hit your audience – if you don’t know the best time, figure it out
  10. Make it good – if you’re proud enough of the work to show your friends, you could have a hit on your hands

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