7-Eleven Day’s Social Media Gets Hijacked For Reverse 7-Eleven Day

reverse-7-eleven-dayOn Monday, November 7 (11/7 – the reverse of 7-Eleven’s 7/11 birthday), 7-Eleven will be hosting a unique event to celebrate their birthday in reverse. As they lead up to the big day, the brand will they will be hijacking their own social media accounts to sporadically posting reverse messages, flipped around images and even turn their logo inside out to have a little fun!

In celebration of Reverse 7-Eleven Day fans can participate in multiple ways. On November 7, Slurpee enthusiasts across the country are encouraged to wear their clothes backwards at any 7-Eleven store to receive a free medium Slurpee. In addition to the free Slurpee, fans are invited to upload pictures of their backwards outfits to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #Reverse711.

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