Toronto Life Prepares To Celebrate 50 Years

This month marks the 50th birthday for Toronto Life (Marketplace listing) and they are putting the finishing touches on an anniversary issue scheduled to hit newsstands later this month.  The cover story will focus on what Toronto will look like 50 years from now, how its demographics and economy will change, and how we will deal with a doubling of population. Other stories include a round-table debate with Mayor John Tory and five former Toronto mayors, and a profile of the magazine’s long-time owner Michael de Pencier that serves as a history of the magazine itself.

Over the years Toronto Life (and its parent St. Joseph Communications (Marketplace listing)) have seen a significant number of changes in the last two years such as here, here and here as they continue to be a strong force in Canadian publishing. 


Money BallBack in 2011, Profectio reported that St. Joseph Media acquired Torontoist which was Founded by Ken Hunt who now serves as the Publisher for Toronto Life.  Ken compares Toronto Life to the story in Michael Lewis’s book Moneyball. “We’ve become much smarter about how we measure the effectiveness of the content we produce,” Hunt says. “The data has shown that quick, cheap stories, online quizzes and other click bait doesn’t sustain audience attention; feature-length stories, particularly stories that have a strong point-of-view or unusual access to its subject, have the greatest impact, produce the most engagement, and get shared on social media. This is how we keep readers coming back.”