GoodLife Fitness Delivers Wearable Fitness Experience To Members

Goodlife Fitness MYZONE As technology continues to be more and more integrated into all aspects of our lives, Canada’s largest fitness club chain – GoodLife Fitness has been working on a new way to bring wearable technology to its members across the country.  This week GoodLife launched MYZONE MZ-3, a innovative fitness monitoring tool that is available now for staff and members.

The MYZONE MZ-3 is an interactive physical activity belt that can send real-time readings to large screens around the club or to the users’ smartphone outside the club. Through a series of personalized, colour-coded tiles, users always know precisely what heart-rate zone they are in during their workout, allowing them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results.

This data is also recorded within the user’s online personal activity report, accessible through the MYZONE website or the free MYZONE app. Members can log in to see their current and past activity helping them track progress towards goals. There is also the option to compete in challenges, connect with friends and colleagues and track personal health measurements.

“The GoodLife team really loved the accuracy of the MYZONE MZ-3 system and most importantly, its ability to create a social connection through exercise” says David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans, Founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness. “We know that feeling connected with others who are also trying to reach personal health and fitness goals plays a huge role in motivating people to achieve their own success—people across Canada can inspire each other to live fit and healthy good lives.”

Goodlife Fitness MYZONE

The MYZONE’s MZ-3 belt goes around the chest area, allowing members to track their workouts with 99.4 per cent accuracy, regardless of what activity their doing – be it taking a group fitness class, working out with a personal trainer, or using the many pieces of cardio equipment available at GoodLife that connect wirelessly to MYZONE.

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