Consistency is King

Matt Gentile Guest Post by Matt Gentile. Matt is Managing Director, IMG Digital Group. You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Over twenty years ago, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled, “Content is King”, which was published on the Microsoft website. He begins by saying:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money
will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

This quote has been referenced in ad nauseam for over two decades from online wine salesmen like Gary “The F-bomb” Vaynerchuck to social media marketers, Kim Garst, to add context to their own spin on the subject.  I agree content is important, and as Gary,Kim, and countless others point out, context is also important, but what drives value through an organization long-term is consistency. Building a quality online presence for your business via a cogent digital strategy doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency is not sexy, building something that lasts takes time and effort. Slow and steady wins the race.

Is consistency more important than content? Yes.  Think of great content like that one-hit-wonder summer song that gets stuck in your head for three months. You love it so much you wake up singing it.  Now, the summer is nearly over and you have stopped that feeling…relegating the song to the one-hit-wonder trash bin way down on your iTunes favorites.  Do you want your brand to be a one-hit-wonder?

Today, everyone has great content. Charmin has over a million followers on Facebook! I $%&T you not…(pun intended) and they produce incredible content. Stop getting hung up on content that is produced by expensive PR and Advertising agencies and instead, focuses on consistency.  Marketing today is about transparent, consistent community outreach and response. Consistently provide value to your community via social, consistently produce a digital drumbeat of lower cost, yet still quality content with periodic spikes of highly-produced, highly-targeted content that hits your target hard. Sprinkle in positive public relations stories as they happen. There is no reason your brand can’t achieve summer song status repeatedly throughout the year without spending a fortune.

For brands who want to compete with bigger players in their verticle, but don’t have multi-million dollar budgets to do so through mass media advertising, digital ad campaigns executed on a consistent basis and distributed via targeted social media buys provide an effective and efficient strategy. Remember your audience comes first! Reach is more than an impression, making your customers and prospects feel something on a regular basis is the key to driving long-term value back to your brand.  In addition, the digital experience has a long shelf-life on the Internet so consumers, recruits, and business prospects may find your content long after you’ve moved on to the next campaign.  Here are some recent spots by our friends at Sleek Machine that provide context into what the digital drumbeat concept is all about.

In summary, building a long-term, viable online presence that comprises social media, digital advertising, and a website that works for you are keys to success. It takes time,building an audience, fostering those relationships, following up and creating customers for life is the goal.